Gamifying the shift to soft mobility
Rewarding decarbonisation efforts

Deux femmes et un homme discutant et marchant côte à côte en tenue de travail.
Une femme enceinte à vélo sous la pluie.
Un tramway roulant au Kirchberg au Luxembourg lors d'un coucher de soleil.
Un train des CFL qui entre dans la gare de Paffenthal.
Deux femmes et deux hommes assis dans une voiture sur le chemin du travail et souriant.

How it works

Whether you're an individual, a municipality, a business or a school community, SoftCommute helps you achieve your mobility decarbonisation goals with targeted rewards proposed by local businesses.

Soft mobility commutes are reliably detected using a mobile application and significantly rewarded using gamification scenarios and dedicated, carbon-indexed tokens.

Gamification - Let's play

Systematic use of gamification devices such as quizzes, competitions, tombolas, campaigns, individual and group challenges endows users with a range of strong, recurring incentives towards soft mobility.

Un groupe d'amis assis autour d'une table et regardant un jengatower s'écrouler.


This community, open to everyone, will soon be launched in Luxembourg. With our app, you can automatically detect and document your soft mobility journeys, earn softcoins for your decarbonisation efforts and spend them on a marketplace for used objects.

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